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CREATING A CATWALK is not something most people do every day! It can be a daunting prospect if you’re a novice with no experience and your only help is a team of volunteers who are all first-timers themselves.

I found myself in just such a situation.  My creativity in dressmaking attracted the attention of JANE BINNION, who on the spur of the moment put forward the idea of creating a catwalk show.

The idea matured for a while, as I went on to meet other ladies who were also able craft makers. Their ability to create bespoke outfits which responded to today’s much-needed eco-friendly approach gave me an idea. How about putting on a show which would prove it was possible to be fashionable and yet environmentally-aware at the same time?

THE SLOW FASHION LANCASTER SHOW is proof of how an idea, no matter how bizarre, can become real – all you need to do is believe.


Lancastrian craft-makers will be displaying their bespoke, fashion-themed creations in the well-appointed, historical surroundings of ASHTON HALL.

We have available spaces for stalls and workshops

where you can display your goods and share your abilities

By purchasing a ticket and participating in the evening event, you’ll be helping to build opportunities for creative people who are trying to start something new.