My story begins on a sunny doorstep in Rome, back in the ‘60s.  A little girl waiting for her friends to come round, longing for an ice cream. No video games, but I sat there happily learning to knit, crochet or draw, all under my artistic mother’s supervision. Plenty of crafts to learn and fill the slow-moving, unrushed days of my youth.


As I grew up in the ‘70s and experienced a world that was changing like never before, I was determined I had to do my bit for the planet.


Then, the working world: from painting T-shirts in Rome to wedding dress embroidery in London, from teaching children in my son’s school’s greenhouse to cooking for homeless people across Lancashire. A long time to refine my skills and focus on what, ultimately, really matters to me - ethical, sustainable living.


This drives me to put my passion, the people and the planet in one cauldron and conjure work that is made as ethically as possible. So, I'm working with conscientiously sourced materials, applying my creative eye and seamstress skills to make garments, accessories and furnishings. 


"For people that want to have a say on what they buy and want to express their own ideas and personality, whatever the shape, size or need."


I often create products that are hard to find elsewhere. Working with my customers at every stage of the design and creation of the product, I put their needs first, allowing them to tailor the product to their individuality. I make commissioned pieces as well as my own products. If you like the look of my work or have something you dream of creating get in touch.

2018 has been a very busy year for me. Not only did I co-found two projects focusing on slow fashion and sustainability (Slow Fashion Lancaster & The UnFactory), but I was also a finalist in the EVA awards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash and care for my item?

Each item will come with instructions as to how to care for it. If you would like more information please contact me directly.


Fittings are ideally done in person. If this is not convienient we will find a way around. 


Items already made are shipped within 2 working days of payment. With other items it will vary but I try to deliver as promptly as possible. Shipping for UK is betwen £3-£5 generallly. Outside of the UK and special cases are priced case by case.


Direct Bank Transfer, cash or Paypal is fine.


Measurements are ideally done in person. However, if this is not convienient I can tell you what I require.


Returns are accepted 14 days from arrival of item. Return costs are covered by the customer unless there is a problem with the item received.  

I have an idea but not sure if you can do it. Should I contact you?

If you get in contact with an idea, I will endevour to fulfuill your vision, no matter how unique it may be.